The cash loan is characterized not only by the advantage of the cash payment but also by the fact that between application and payment usually, only a little time passes. An instant loan is a quick remedy. Apply for Online credit and cash the same day. Whether as a quick loan, fast loan or fast loan: In Switzerland, increasingly smaller and larger loans are processed and brokered faster. Do not hesitate to read our article and ask for an express recognition in Switzerland in all simplicity!

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Loan amounts range from 1’000 to 250’000.

What do I have to look out for when lending to a loan? If your household is already changing during the loan term – for example, because a baby is born or because you retire sooner than expected.

This is easy with our application for our online credit at loan. Place your fast loan requests directly on the Internet and we will inform you within 24 hours about a decision for your fast loan in Switzerland.

Your fast loan on the Internet

Your fast loan on the Internet

Applying for instant credit is a breeze: with our loan calculator, you can determine the amount and duration of your online fast loan. You give all the necessary information (that does not exceed 5 minutes) and send us your request, which is processed by our experts within 24 hours.

When applying for your loan, you will be promptly responded to and your amount will either be immediately deposited into your bank account or through one of our 25 branches throughout Switzerland. Thanks to our novel and simple process for granting online loans, nothing is easier than that!

Since 1990 we have been active in the field of online loans and loans of all kinds. We can offer you the following types of low-cost financing: In no case will we reach your employer, your working environment or your bank through your online loan application. Your cheap credit remains between you and us, no one else will be notified of your balance.

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