Dickson Renaissance Center as a school? Foundation could help with $ 5 million upgrade

The estimated upgrade costs necessary to use the Renaissance Center as a Dickson County Schools facility were presented to the County School Board on Thursday.

School principal Dr Danny Weeks and board chair Kirk Vandivort also said a foundation had offered to potentially help the school district purchase or renovate the distinctive building on Highway 46 in Dickson. .

Vandivort said they had not yet received permission to publicly name the foundation during the working session of the board of directors meeting.

“It is certainly an unusual situation to find yourself in,” Vandivort said. “Someone is ready to join in and help education in the county.”

In December, the board discussed the possibility of making the Renaissance Center a combination of a magnetic school and administrative offices for the school district.

Weeks presented the board with a breakdown of the Renaissance Center upgrade costs, which were about $ 4.7 million. The building is currently listed for sale at around $ 7 million.

“I certainly don’t think ($ 7 million) would be the prize we’d be looking to talk to them about if this board was even interested in pursuing this and going this far with it…” Weeks said. “If we’re talking about a purchase price of $ 7 million and $ 5 million more, I don’t think we’re doing each other a favor.”

Almost $ 3 million in upgrade costs relate to building roof repairs and HVAC costs.

Weeks said the approximately 106,000 square foot Renaissance Center is “about the same size as the Burns Middle School we just built” and the estimated cost in square feet is $ 65.97, as currently stated.

Weeks said the estimated upgrade costs were to “prepare to use some of the classroom space, or just prepare to set up offices there.”

“Some of them are structural in nature,” he added.

Improvement estimates were compiled by the Dickson County Schools Maintenance Department.

“I think we have to look at it from all angles. From financial accountability, fiscal responsibility… and how we are responding to the offer we have,” Weeks said.

The board agreed that more information is needed before they can make a decision.

Improvements to the Renaissance Center, estimated costs

Below are the upgrades and estimated costs for the Renaissance Center:

Roof entire building – $ 1,650,000

Mechanical, cooling tower, controls – $ 1,235,000

Painting, interior and exterior, doors, ramps, awnings, etc. – $ 170,000

Structural – $ 220,000

Metal shutters and exterior tiles – $ 40,000

Interior Oculus Panels – $ 10,000

Gas Light Theater converted into a cafeteria – $ 100,000

Reused Sound Studio – $ 200,000.00

Converted cloakroom – $ 25,000.00

Building repair of expansion joints – $ 15,000

Toilet upgrades – $ 60,000

Lighting – LED – $ 500,000

Fire Alarm Upgrades – $ 400,000

Ceiling Tile Upgrades – $ 20,000

Classroom / office conversion – $ 100,000

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