In a family, usually the one who carries the burden of maintaining the home is the father, but in addition to that he also manages the finances and leaves his partner aside.

They say that two heads think better than one, which I consider to be true. The ability to manage in the family must be everyone’s.

 Each one manages their money as they want

 Each one manages their money as they want

Now, there is the case in which both the man and the woman work but each one manages their money as they want or pays their mortgage separately.

This individualism at the time of taking account could be a future problem in the relationship. It could even be an impediment to buy a new house.

Working as a team, with dreams together, goals, and objectives to achieve is healthy for a relationship, so managing your finances in pairs is one of the bases for a healthy, reliable and lasting relationship.

Money is a subject that has broken relationships, and has also joined others. The interest in having all the economic problems resolved leads people to make bad decisions. Also to couples.

For this reason I will share these 5 keys to manage your finances with your partner.


1- Manage a family budget in which both actively participate and commit to that budget.

2- Set joint goals regarding the things you want to buy in a certain time.

3 – Be honest about the expenses that each one makes on their own, never lie.

4- Save together to fulfill dreams and projects. If you are thinking of buying a new house, do it together.

5- Prepare yourself in financial matters and between your weekly conversations take time to discuss it and learn more.

Managing with your partner

Managing with your partner

Managing with your partner can be a rewarding experience when these keys are taken into account. Working as a team unleashes better