Gold investment is the most popular investment for the people of Indonesia, especially housewives. Unfortunately not everyone can buy gold in cash. If you want to buy gold without cash, then there are 2 choices: Gold Savings or Gold Credit. What are the advantages and disadvantages of saving gold or gold credit?


Save Gold

gold jewelries

Now we can save gold at Pegadaian . Only with IDR 5,000, we can save gold. You can find out more information through the official Pegadaian website .

Some of the advantages of saving gold at Pegadaian

  1. We can buy gold with affordable funds (starting at 0.01 gram). There is no need for an advance to save gold. Currently the selling price is around Rp. 5,400.
  2. Safe storage area.
  3. Easy and fast to melt if needed for urgent conditions. Gold owned can be used as collateral.
  4. Flexible tenure, there is no bond between the customer and the company.
  5. Savings can be taken in the form of certified precious metals (terms and conditions apply).


Some lack gold savings at Pegadaian

  1. There is a difference between the selling rate and the buying rate. If you want to buy precious metals, then you see the selling rate. Conversely, if you want to sell precious metals, then you see the buying rate. 
  2. There are several costs that must be considered, starting from opening an account, transferring gold, replacing a passbook (if damaged / lost) and late penalties for taking printed gold.
  3. There are restrictions on transactions per day. For example, to sell gold at least 1 gram. There are also purchase restrictions of 100 grams per day per customer.
  4. There are costs or printing costs (reasonable costs) adjusted for the weight of precious metals.
  5. Your gold can only be printed, if it weighs a minimum of 5 grams.


Procedure for Opening a Stock Account

Procedure for Opening a Stock Account

  1. Open a gold savings account by attaching a photocopy of identity.
  2. Fill out the account opening form and pay the administration fees and gold deposit facilities.


Gold Credit or Gold Installments

Gold Credit or Gold Installments

Besides saving gold, we can also get gold credit or gold installments. Gold installments can be made in Islamic banks. One bank that provides gold credit or gold installments is Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM).

Disclaimer: Mention of brands does not mean investment advice or promos. The mention of the brand aims at education.


Advantages of Gold Credit or Gold Installments

  1. Safe, because gold installments are usually insured.
  2. Gold can be cashed or pawned if there is an urgent need.
  3. The limit on the amount of financing is quite large, which is Rp150,000,000 (approximately 250 grams).
  4. Cost is determined when the contract.


Losses in Gold Credit or Gold Installments

  1. There are administrative fees, stamp duty and insurance.
  2. There are terms and conditions that apply to expedited payments.
  3. There is a down payment of 20% and is paid in cash.
  4. There are additional fees that need to be paid.


Gold Credit with a Credit Card

Gold Credit with a Credit Card

In addition to the three methods above, there are also ways to buy gold through a credit card. This method is indeed a unique way to use a credit card, but Ayesha is not too suggestive.


The advantage of buying gold with a credit card

  1. There are 0% installments for 12 months.
  2. Now there are many marketplace websites that sell precious metals, such as BukaLapak and TokoPedia.
  3. Gold is in your hands, before payment is paid.
  4. The price used is a fair trading price (following today’s gold prices ).
  5. Purchases can be sent or cash on delivery (COD).



The disadvantage of buying gold with a credit card

  1. Product owners on the marketplace website are individuals, so be careful with counterfeit goods.
  2. Never debt or pay a minimum credit card bill, because credit card interest is greater than the increase in gold prices. The average credit card fee is 2% per month, while the gold price increase does not reach 2% per month.
  3. There are administrative fees.
  4. If sent, there is a risk that gold will be damaged or lost. Shipping service companies seldom want to send packages containing precious metals.


Gold Investment Becomes More Alternatives

With the option of saving gold and installments of gold, now gold investment is becoming more choices. Make sure your investment, according to your financial plan .